So it’s become painfully apparent that nothing is sacred any more. Almost any item you want (perfume, cosmetics, designer bags etc) can wind up being a counterfeit item if you don’t have a sharp eye, or you just aren’t familiar enough with the brand or product.

My direction for this blog is to upload any photos or information I acquire from purchasing counterfeit products and comparing them against the genuine items.

Let me add, I have nothing against anyone who wants to buy counterfeit products. We don’t always have hundreds of dollars to whittle away on eyeshadow and lipstick. What I will say is, the reason I personally don’t use counterfeit products is because, A. It doesn’t support the brand and B. It can contain harmful chemicals which you may not know about. Often, the labels on counterfeit cosmetics will have exactly the same information as the genuine product, even though different ingredients were used; cheaper, nastier, ingredients. This is not always the case, I’m just not game enough to put counterfeit makeup on my face. Having said that, this blog wasn’t created to berate anyone who chooses to use counterfeit cosmetics. It’s just to help those who seek the real deal. So, please, enjoy the read, and I hope that I have been helpful x


So here is my comparison for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the colour “Blonde”.

To make it easier, the counterfeit item is on the left and the genuine is on the right.

1. You can see that the logo on the top of the lids vary a little. It’s hard to pick up in a photo but the genuine one is more rose gold coloured, where as the counterfeit is more on the pink/pink gold side. This is not a very obvious detail; I promise the others will be more recognisable.


Top of lids


2. The second detail I’ve noticed is that the swatches are different. The genuine Dipbrow (on the right) is thicker in consistency. It also applies easily and with a lot of pigment, coverage, and staying power. The counterfeit product (left), however, is greasy and feels like half-melted wax, it’s also a little transparent and rubs off easily.


Swatch comparison


3. The “Anastasia Beverly Hills” printing on the front is more bold on the fake. It’s more noticeable if you look at the “Beverly Hills” part.


Printing on front of jars


4. The product itself looks and feels different without even swatching it. The fake (left) feels greasy and cheap, the genuine (right) is a lot thicker and pigmented. I’m sorry my Dipbrow looks like it has been through some sort of battle, I’ve had it for a long time now haha. Side note, never use a cheap brush. 😛


Inside of products


5. The labels on the bottom are a great indicator for whether your item is real or fake. You’ll notice on the genuine Dipbrow (right) that the smaller print is more bold (including the print of the small open jar with “6M” printed on it). This might be a little hard to see from my photo, but it’s very noticeable in real life.


Label on bottom of jars


This concludes my FAKE VS REAL ABH Dipbrow tutorial. I hope that my crappy photography skills haven’t ruined your day.

Also, always remember to use a payment method which will offer you some sort of protection (such as PayPal via the “goods and services” payment option). This way, if you ever feel as though you have been scammed and have some evidence to support this (contacted the brand’s store or head office etc), you can dispute the seller and get your money back.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first entry. Hopefully you’re not sitting there with glazed over eyes and a deep regret towards the decision you made to read this blog.

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  1. Just thought I’d let you know that the most obvious give away is the fact that the fake one says Beuerly Hills instead of Beverly Hills and I’ve noticed that most of the fake ones are like this. This is an easy things to spot for someone who hasn’t got a real one to compare against 🙂


    • Great catch! Thank you! I often do my comparisons at night, after work, when I’m too tired haha. I’ll add this information to my blog soon x


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