FAKE VS REAL Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Lipstick

I’m back again with another FAKE VS REAL tutorial! Credit for this one goes to my lovely friend Meliza! She provided me with the photos and information and I constructed them in to a tutorial.

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To make things simple, the authentic Lime Crime Velvetines will always be on the left.

The colour of the Velvetines used in this tutorial is “Cashmere”.

1. Front of the box.

Here is a couple of photos of the box the matte lipsticks came in. At first glance, it’s hard to see the difference between them, but if you look at the second photo, you’ll notice the font along the bottom is different on the fake. It looks slightly bigger and it isn’t printed as clearly or as bold.



2. Back of the box.
Again, the font on the fake isn’t the same as the genuine one. You can see that the ingredients list on the fake appears to be longer, because the font is more spaced out, and the barcode isn’t as bold. The colour of the label on the genuine one is a lighter brown, closer to being taupe in colour, and is darker and more of an auburn brown on the fake. You can also see this with the top of the label (top of the box) where the colour name is printed.



3. The serial/batch code.

The serial/batch code is in a different spot and is in a different font, but we’re not 100% sure that the code is a way to recognise a fake as they can be placed in different spots on the genuine ones. See the photo below. The two Velvetines on the left are genuine, the fake is on the right. The difference in placement of the code could come down to when the item was manufactured. If anyone has any information on this, feel free to leave a comment x


4. Swatches.

The top one (genuine) is much more pigmented, applies smoothly, and smells like vanilla. The fake at the bottom is patchy, not very pigmented, and smells more like coconut.



5. The applicator.

The applicator should be see-through and not white like the fake!


6. Top of the lid.

The genuine one will have a rose printed on the top. The fake doesn’t.


7. The label on the bottom of the lipstick.

The label on the bottom of the genuine Velvetine has a batch/serial code printed on it and the colour name is printed in bold. The sticker on the fake doesn’t have the code and it’s much larger.


8. The lid.

The genuine one is more of a pinkish-red and looks more matte, the fake is closer to ruby red and appears to be more shiny.



I hope this tutorial has been informative for you. A big thank you to Meliza for taking the time to take the photos and provide me with the information xx

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4 thoughts on “FAKE VS REAL Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Lipstick

      • It’s just not fair, with me living in the UK things like ABH isn’t available and I just don’t trust buying it from a random seller, simply because of the fakes! It’s just not fair 😭


      • I totally agree. I’m in Australia, we never get the good stuff, so I usually have to order online and pay ridiculous postage fees. I usually combat that problem by doing group orders with my friends.
        I think the fact that a lot of people do these “fake vs real” comparisons is awesome. It helps us buyers learn how to buy genuine items. I generally look at a few different tutorials for the same item, that way you see lots of different photos and perspectives xx

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