I have seen lots of these illuminators circulating on eBay lately. Even the rare, hard to find, “So Hollywood” (The gold one) popped up in abundance over the last few months. Naturally, I grew very suspicious of this and decided to dig around and find some information. Whilst digging around, I found numerous sellers on numerous shopping websites selling the ABH illuminator  at really cheap prices. They’re obviously selling fakes! I decided to  purchase one and compare it to my genuine one. I waited 2 months for the first one I ordered to arrive. It never did, so I had to dispute the seller for a refund and try again. the second one took just under 6 weeks to arrive! PHEW! Did I mention that it arrived broken!!! Anyways, I can finally do my REAL VS FAKE comparison of the ABH illuminator! Sorry about the fake one being broken. I just couldn’t bring myself to wait any longer for another fake one to arrive haha.

To make it easier, the fake is on the right or the bottom of the photos.

1. The front of the box.

The print on the bottom right hand corner of the box is actually more visible and clear on the fake (right)! On the genuine box, the words “ILLUMINATOR. POUDRE ECLAT” look poorly printed. (I’m not 100% sure if this is the case with every genuine box though, mine might have just been printed poorly).

abh box frot

The gold printing for “ANASTASIA Beverly Hills” looks thicker and more clear on the genuine box.

2. The top of the box.

Not too much of a difference here. The bar code and font on the fake (bottom) sticker look slightly bigger.

abh box barcode

3. The front of the compact

It’s very hard to see a difference here. The only one that really stands out is that the gold font is lighter on the fake and closer to being rose gold in the genuine one.

abh front


4. The back of the compact

Again the differences are very subtle, but the sticker on the back of the fake one is a light gold, and it’s rose gold on the genuine one. The fake even has a code imprinted on it! Those sneaky little bastards are getting better at making their fakes! You can also see that the little “flicks” on both of the outer letter A’s on the fake are more bold than they are on the real one.

The part where it says “Distributed by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Inc.” is missing a space between the comma and the word “Inc.” on the fake one

ABH back sticker

5. The hinge which connects the top of the compact to the base.

Here’s where the difference gets more obvious! If you look at the photos I have provided of the hinges, you’ll see that the real one has a gap in the middle of it with the number “1” embossed on it (first photo). The fake does not have this gap!

abh inside connector real

abh inside connector fake

6. The product.

Because my fake arrived damaged, it’s hard to clearly see the difference between them. I can, however, see that the embossed detailing on the fake is not as prominent and appears to look more “flat” than the genuine illuminator.

abh inside

These are the main differences I’ve found between the 2. I’m sure there are probably a couple of other minor differences which I might spot later on. If I do find any more, I’ll be sure to edit my post and add them. x

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    • They really do look very similar. Very hard to spot the differences if you don’t have both, but the hinge that connects the lid to the base is a great way to find the fakes. x


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