Hello again! I hope everyone has been having a great week! Here I am again, with yet another FAKE VS REAL comparison post! This time I am using the DOSE OF COLORS (Colours, for us Aussies. Haha. :P) matte liquid lipstick in the colour Merlot! Since I no longer have the box for my genuine DOC lipstick, I will just be comparing the bottles. Not having the box won’t hinder you at all when trying to see the difference between real vs fake, I think the differences I will point out make the fake very obvious.

To make this easier, the fake will be on the right or on the bottom.

1. The front of the lipstick.

From looking at the front of the bottles, it’s almost impossible to see the difference. On closer inspection, I can see that the liquid lipstick inside the genuine one forms a point when viewing through the outside of the bottle. The colour of the fake one is more of a rusty red and the genuine is more of a pinkish, deep, red.

dose side by side

2. The top of the lipstick.

The clear circle is thicker on the fake (right)

dose top

3. The bottom of the Lipstick.

The sticker on the bottom on the lipstick should state that it was made in the USA. If it says that it was made in P.R.C, then it is fake!

dose bottom

4. The applicator

The tip of the genuine applicator is fluffy and short (left), it also has a point on one side. The tip of the applicator on the fake is longer and cylindrical.

dose applicator comparsion

5. The top of the bottle when open.

On the genuine DOC lipsticks, the top of the bottle, where the lid screws on, should be white. You can see on the fake that the top is silver!

dose inside comparison

6. The smell.

The genuine one smells like vanilla and the fake smells like coconut.

I hope this post has been helpful x

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