Sorry for the delay in posting. It’s been a busy couple of months for me with my new role at work, but here I am again! Another fake vs real comparison post! This post will be based around Doll Parts and Redrum from the Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick collection. I hope you find this helpful x

Just to make this easier, the genuine product will always be on the left or the top in the photo.

1. The front of the boxes

At first glance, it might be difficult to spot the difference because both the counterfeit and genuine boxes look so similar. On closer inspection, I have noticed that the fake boxes (right) are slightly longer than the genuine ones (left), but this would be hard to see if you don’t have a genuine one to compare it with. (I promise the more details I add, the easier it will be for you to spot the differences!)

js box comparison front

2. The top of the boxes.

You can see the difference straight away here! The genuine boxes have the colour name printed on a sticker, the fakes do not.

js box comparison top

3. The bottom of the boxes.

The genuine boxes only have a number printed on the bottom “6C1” “6C2” etc. I wouldn’t read in to the number itself too much as I’m not sure at this point what they prepresent (whether or not they are a batch code and might vary later on as more lipsticks are produced, or if they are a standard code that never changes). The fake boxes have a round sticker on the bottom of the box with the colour name, the same stickers they use on the bottom of the fake lipstick bottles (see photo in number 5)

js box comparison bottom

4. The front of the lipsticks.

Again, its difficult to see the difference unless you have them side by side. The fake bottles (right) look slightly longer and slightly more thin.

JS all 4 front

Left to right: real Doll Parts, real Redrum, fake Doll Part, fake Redrum.

5. The bottom label.

The genuine label is printed in bold text and is slightly smaller than the fake label. The genuine label will also have a code imprinted on it (second photo. The one on my genuine Redrum was a little hard to capture because it wasn’t imprinted as deeply as the one on Doll Parts, but it’s definitely there.)

js all 4 bottom comparison

js bottom real

6. The applicator.

The genuine Jeffree Star applicator is clear with a fluffy tip which has a point on one side, the fake has a white applicator with a straight, cylindrical, tip.

JS applicator comparison

7. The inside of the lid.

The inside of the genuine lid (left) is clear at the base, where as the fake one is white.

JS lid inside comparison

8. The smell.

The genuine Jeffree Star lipstick doesn’t have an obvious scent to me, it’s very mild and only slightly perfumed, where as the fake one smells strongly of chocolate!

I hope this article has been helpful for anyone who has been having a hard time seeing the differences!

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  1. ok so i bought what i think is a genuine jstar velour lipstick except the wand looks more like the one you posted as fake. everything else on mine is perfect (i.e looks real to me.) have they maybe changed the wand?


      • Same here! I checked all mine, my lipsticks seem genuine, apart from the fact that the applicator was white (with a pointed tip) and there was no serial code on the box.
        I’m seriously stumped as to if it’s fake or not. Mine have a smell to it, it is perfumed but it’s not that strong.
        I didn’t buy it directly from Jefree’s website (dumb) but I did get them from a seller off ebay (dumb dumb sumb!)


      • i got it off a seller on ebay, and its the unicorn blood shade. but after extensive research i came to the conclusion that it was fake, alerted the seller and got a full refund. in all honestly its actually a decent LL, but the wand is so difficult to use on it its hard to get it right without ending up looking like i have been drinking fruit punch


      • yeah me too, consequently i have went on to buy other products from the same seller that have turned out to be genuine products, my most recent purchase being the kylie matte lipsticks lol (which i have checked and checked again and they are without a doubt genuine). its the price you pay when you shop looking for cheap deals lol


    • If you’re unsure, your best bet is to ask your seller for a receipt. I have a few of the JS velour lips, from different seasons/collections/releases and none of them have white inside the lid.


    • Sorry love I don’t do swatches for fakes. I generally write the tutorial and throw the fakes away because they can be toxic or cause skin issues.


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