Hey guys! I know, I know, it’s been SO long since my last post. With work getting more and more hectic, it’s been really hard to find time for anything else. Still, here I am! 😀

This blog post is a comparison between a genuine and a counterfeit Gucci Soho Disco. I didn’t have the same colour for both bags but the hints and tips should still help you out a lot. Lots of counterfeit bags that are being pumped out in to the market are getting harder and harder to catch. With the Disco, I have not come across an exact replica and I ALWAYS find at least one thing that will give away that it’s fake! I will do my best to outline all of the faults with my fake bag clearly so that you can use them as a guide, but always remember that other fake bags may vary from mine. Some better, some worse.

I know a lot of people know the difference already, but this is for those who have never owned one and may be considering their first Soho Disco purchase and may be interested in buying one secondhand.

This article might be a little on the long side, but I promise it’s worth the read, so grab a cup of tea, and sit back while you absorb some shade (lol?)

First things first, the reason I got my hands on a nasty counterfeit was because my stupid ass got duped via eBay. It’s so stupid because I already had a Disco at home and was buying a second one. The photos the seller used were detailed just enough for me to look at them and go “oooohhh… ahhh… I need this!”, but not detailed enough for me to spot that the item was fake, and like the impatient idiot I was, I started bidding like crazy rather than asking for close up photos or proof of purchase. ANYWAY, to cut a long story short, I’m so glad that I paid via PayPal. I paid $800AUD for this fake bag and PayPal and my eBay dispute were the knights in shining armour on this occasion. IF you want to read the full story about this whole ordeal, and how to deal with it properly, there will be a blog following this one that will outline what happened and what you should do.

On to the fake vs real tutorial! I hope you enjoy it!

As always, I have uploaded photos so you can spot the differences between the real and the fake, followed by some notes that I think might help. Just to make it easier, the FAKE bag is the green one and the genuine bag is the metallic blue one.

1. The front of the bag

If you don’t already own a genuine Gucci Soho Disco, it can be really difficult to spot a fake item because you have nothing to compare it to. In my photos, you can see that the grain in the leather on the fake is much more prominent and looks “printed” or man made, that’s because it is! The better fakes tend to be made out of leather, but in this instance, it’s polyurethane. Also, the fake leather has a very distinct sheen when it should be matte. The Disco comes in patent, metallic, and matte (pebbled?) leather but never an in between plastic looking matte leather. The second thing I want to point out is how flat the “gg” logo looks on the fake (green) one. Lastly, the fake is much bigger! To my understanding there are 4 different sizes in Disco range.  There is the standard sized “Soho Disco” (blue one used in my tutorial), there is a slightly smaller one called the “Small Soho Disco” (I have this one too but in patent pink! It’s so cute!), a “Children’s Soho Disco” which is even smaller and has a shorter crossbody strap, and a “Mini Chain Soho Disco”.

20171009_160615 (2)

2. The Tassel

There should never be an exposed screw! Even most of the 10/10 replicas will have an exposed screw like the one on the fake bag! The fake also only has 4 or 5 little notches (the little gold bumps on the metal part of the tassel. Being well versed in luxury item speak is not my forté) whereas a genuine bag will have 6. Also sorry about my gross dry hands and slightly dirty nails. It was a crazy busy day at work and I unpacked a lot of boxes haha





20171009_160731 (2)


3. The metal rings that connect the tassel to the zip pull

The ring should always be a perfect ring. You shouldn’t be able to see where it joins up and there shouldn’t be any gaps. You can see on the fake one I have that there is an extra ring too and the metal looks very poorly made and very textured unlike the genuine one.





4. The length of the tassel

The fake bags tend to have a shorter tassel, although there are some which don’t. Just thought I’d point it out anyway because it’s a very easy way to spot a fake.


5. The lining inside the bag

You can see in the fake (green) one that there is some weird ass looking piping inside the bag which has been poorly covered in fabric. Be careful though, some of the fake bags have better lining and can look a lot better and a lot closer to a genuine bag. Also, the lining on the fake bag is glued down, the lining in the genuine bag can be pulled outside of the bag so that you can clean it etc


6. The Inner Leather Tag

The fake can sometimes look really terrible. At first glance, the tag on my fake isn’t too noticeable, but on closer inspection I’ve found that the fake tag closely resembles a square shape, whereas the genuine bag tag is shaped like a rectangle (does anyone else feel like the word “rectangle” is one you haven’t typed out or used for a long time? It almost felt foreign to me while I typed it haha)

The size of the embossed serial number on the fake is also too big and does not contain enough numbers and the black leather seal around the tag looks very messy and thick. A genuine bag will be neat and tidy, and the serial number should contain 12 numbers. Another handy trick is to google the serial number to see if it matches the style of bag you have.

20171009_16133020171009_161343 (2)20171009_16113620171009_161229

7. The leather strap and hardware

With the join where the extra bit of leather strap is folded over and sewn down, the fake one is poorly cut, whereas on the genuine bag it’s much neater and the part of the leather which was cut has been sealed properly and neatly glued/sewn down. The hardware is much bigger on the fake bag I have too, although, that can vary between different fake bags.


8. The Dustbag

I think this photo almost speaks for itself. You can see that the genuine one, which is at the top, is much better quality (a little wrinkled though, sorry), and the drawstring is on both sides at the top of the dust bag, whereas the fake looks cheap and only has a drawstring on one side. The genuine one also has small gold rings for the strings to pass through.

20171009_161702 (2)


9. The Authenticity Card/Booklet (and other things that come with the bag)

My counterfeit bag never came with any authenticity card or leather square, but the authenticity cards in the photos are both genuine and from 2 different Soho Discos. The one with a slight grey/purple hue and green/black “GG” logo is from my Small Soho Disco which is a little older and the white authenticity card/booklet is from the metallic blue Soho Disco. You can see on both authenticity cards that the pages have a slight curve on all of the edges, even where they join to form a booklet.












A lot of dodgy eBay sellers tend to use the same receipt or the same style of receipt. Often, these receipts look cheap and look like they were printed from a bubble jet printer (hello 90’s). A genuine Gucci receipt will always be very professional and the font will be clear and crisp. I didn’t upload a photo of a genuine receipt for obvious reasons but also because there are several different types around. It depends on the store or country you buy from. However, if you see the receipt pictured, in all of it’s bubble jet printer glory, be sure to report the seller or steer clear of them! Take a look at the tax LOL this asshole couldn’t even work out 10% properly. (I blanked out all of the address/store information because I’m unsure if what was used genuinely belongs to someone/a store or not.


So that’s everything I have for now! If I find anything new, I’ll be sure to edit and update this post. If you have any other information or photos of fakes that are different to mine, feel free to hit me up. The best method of contact will most likely be Instagram as I use that more often than I do WordPress. (IG info down below).

If you’re interested in reading about how my idiot ass was scammed and how I dealt with it, I will be uploading another blog shortly. It’s a good read for those who aren’t sure with how to deal with it if it happens to you.

Also, when buying online,

ALWAYS PAY VIA PAYPAL “GOODS AND SERVICES”. The “Goods and Services” option will ensure your funds are protected should someone try to scam you. Too often I see girls using bank deposit or PayPal “Friends and Family” on things like Instagram, Facebook, Carousel, etc, and too often I see girls like that get scammed. If a seller ever asks you to pay via the Friends and Family option, I’d steer clear, but if you decide to continue with the sale, proceed with caution. (disclaimer: I know not everyone is out to get you, and there are so many great, honest, sellers around, but is it worth the risk? Why would you use the Family and Friends option if they’re not your family or your friend? Just something to think about)

I hope this article has been helpful for anyone who has been having a hard time seeing the differences!

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